Our Mission


ilming one of the most important days of your life should be more than a simple documentation of the day.  The emotions that you felt throughout the day, the tender moments you shared with your spouse during the ceremony, the funny but heartwarming toast from your maid of honor…. All these intricate details that exemplify the enchanting moments you will want to cherish for the rest of you life should be unfolded in a story that brings out the true emotions of the day.

Artifex Films is dedicated to create lasting memories that are personalized exclusively for you and your special day. Our aim is to capture and create cinematic moments that will turn your wedding story into a moving, dynamic and captivating documentary.  We strive to produce cinematic elegance in a way that will draw emotion and bring back those special memories for years to come.



Cinematic Filming Tools


n an industry where the quality of equipment used is directly related to the outcome of the final product, Artifex Films is very particular about using the latest technology in both the filming and editing process. This is particularly true when it comes to HD.    In order to capture a spectacular cinematography, we only use the cinematic filming camera and lenses that truly delivers the cinematic quality images. In addition to our cameras, we also make use of various image-stabilization mechanisms from steadicams to camera cranes, to create smoothness & fluidity. A well-polished video also incorporates well-mastered sound. To accomplish this, Artifex Films uses high-quality wireless microphones and a number of recording devices for superb audio.    A few of our equipment list is as follows:

  • • HDSLR Camera (5D MK II etc)
  • • Cinematic Film Lens (Canon L Lenses with Image Stabilizing (85mm 1.2f, 70-200mm f.2.8 etc)
  • • Wireless Mic / Shotgun Mic / External Audio Recorder
  • • Slider / Jib / Stabilizer for fluid motion
  • • State-of-the-art editing system with advanced sound / motion graphic / color grading software.


Meet the Team


John Lee
Cinematographer / Editor

Growing up, John was fortunate enough to have had access to a photographic camera and camcorder. From the decades that follow, his love for filming and editing has only grown stronger. He filmed and edited few of the weddings with cinematic production approach per his client's request, and the rest, as they say, is history. He truly believes that there is not a better way to capture a precious moment than through moving images. The beauty and emotion that are captured are indescribable. Being able to share this with family and friends is what draws him to this medium. His passion is to capture, life & love, in motion.

Nathan Worden
Photographer / Cinematographer

Nathan is a photographer from Corvallis, Oregon. Currently he is in Orange, California attending Chapman University and majoring in Film Production. Nathan got started in photography in 2007, is now a professional photographer cinematographer specializing in weddings, portraits, family sessions. His philosophy: Life is full of joy. Every moment of life is a moment worth living to it’s fullest, and for that reason every second of every day has the opportunity for a fantastic photograph and cinematography. Nathan loves being around those times that bring you joy, whether it’s your wedding day, your senior year, your family being together, or just you being you.