I. Film

Because we consider ourselves filmmakers first, we tackle your video with a keen sense of storytelling and thus treat your wedding as an opportunity to make a “movie” out of it. Instead of just a bunch of events at your wedding, your day gets turned into a story that uniquely belongs to you.


1. Highlight Film

Set to custom music, it is 3-5 minutes long, touching on all the most precious, funny, and endearing moments of your special day.   It’s a compressed version of the Feature Film.  Highlight Film will be online for anyone with password to view and download.   It’s a great way to share the entire wedding day with friends and family in a short, but compelling and entertaining way!



2. Feature Film

Set to custom music, it is 15 – 20 minutes of creatively filmed and artfully edited for priceless memories of the day.   These videos play out all your main events.  You will see your ceremony, first dance, cake cutting, etc, all played back as if they are happening again. Instead of taking the usual approach of separating everything into chapters (like Documentary Film) we want to create a style that feels more like a Hollywood film… complete with storytelling that is non-chronological, non-chapter based short film.


3. Documentary Film

It is roughly as long as all the events of your day combined. This film is intended for a simple documentation of the day. We refrain from adding music or special editing, opting for clean editing and great audio.   The chapter menu will be on DVD/ Blue-ray disc to directly access to the intended scene.