III. Media

We live in a world that media goes everywhere. Whether you are at home or on the go, you have the technology to get access to your contents. We want to provide the same access privilege and cover for all the technology out there. In addition, all of our designs for the media are specially customized for you so that it truly represent you.


1. DVD

We still mainly produce our weddings in standard definition format we have all come to love over the past years.  We want everyone to enjoy your great day regardless of the technological advancement.



2.  Blue-ray

Artifex Films is proud to shoot all of our events in HD Video quality. It’s still new and relatively expensive. However, for the family that has already made the jump to HDTV and Blu-Ray, we offer you the additional option to have your wedding DVD delivered in all its HD glory on a Blu-Ray disk.



3. Movie Files for Mobile Devices

We have options available for you to get the digital version of your wedding film and any enhancements you may have added to your package in H.264 movie format. This video format is both compatible on all of mobile products as well as playable on a PC or MAC via Quicktime.



4. Custom Design Disc Cover & Case

The cover for the DVD/Blue-ray case and disc is professionally designed in our studio and customized just for you.   Your own image will be on the inserts and cover, and all the graphics are printed using professional photographic printer using museum quality paper.  The design will be printed directly on the disc as well, not on the sticker!



5. Custom Interactive Motion Menu

Depending on the package, we use artistically designed interactive motion for our disc menu.  The menu elements are  in motion the moment you interactive with them with music.   In background , the footage from your wedding will be previewed with 3 dimensional graphics.  It just look like movie disc mastered in Hollywood!



6. Raw Footage

For those who want it all, and want assurance that they aren’t missing a thing, we provide USB hard drive full of all the raw, unedited footage of your wedding day.  It includes all the audio that has been professionally captured throughout the day.