IV. Products

We not only care for the contents, but also we pay extra attention to the products we offer to our clients. It’s all handcrafted products with best of the material so that all of your memories are preserved as long as you want. From conception to customer, each Artifex Film pieces stands alone on the strength of its design and artistry, and reflects our standard of superlative quality and care


1. Premium Case

Forget the cheap DVD case you get from the next store.   We use high quality case with durability.  It’s uniquely designed so that our graphic design for the cover and disc will be enhanced and highlighted.



2. Italian Leather Case

We use specially designed Italian leather for our Blue-Ray Disc.  It’s simple, but elegant, and will last forever.




3. Photo Album

For those who want to keep your moments in prints and books, we can offer the beautifully designed wedding book that is only available to professional photographer.   It’s leather or fabric bounded custom wedding album that has various options.   The movie we shoot is high in resolution that we can capture the image from the movie and use it for album design.  Our graphic design team will professionally design the layout so that it represent the exact emotion from your film.  For those who choose the photography option, we will provide the same quality album as well.


4. Art Frame

It’s so unique and so modern.  It has contemporary , 3-D looks for your images.   Your story of the day is unfold in this special frame.   It comes with various size and configuration.