II. Service

Based on our research and feedback from our clients, we carefully create the services demanded and requested from our prospective couples. Then each service is impeccably developed to the point that we are confident enough to offer as Artifex Film’s Service. Please check this section often because we always updated our service based on your needs. We Do Listen!


1. Engagement Session

Let us jazz up the entertainment for the guests. We spend an afternoon with you both around town, much like a photographer does with your engagement shoot. We can even coordinate with your photographer to film at the same time! We also create a very laid back interview setting, allow you both to tell your story together, share hilarious moments and give insight into your relationship most people might not have known. It’s perfect for reception or rehearsal dinner entertainment. Of course, we can incorporate pictures, and even old video.



2. Slide / Photo Montage

Your Photo Montage can be shown at your reception, before the ceremony, or whenever you like.  We will work with you to create a unique montage with narration, video, old pictures and more.  Watch your guests laugh and smile as you walk them through your love story.




3. Enhanced Color Grading

Filming live events, we have no control of the elements and surrounding light sources. Color grading allows us to create a certain style and mood for your video. We make the colors richer, enhance washed out video, and overall clean up of the video.




4. Photography

Out of overflow from this passion to create art, we bagan to offer photos that mirror the style and emotion of our films.  It began as a natural progression from our video work.